When Nintendo showed the first look into Zelda: Breath of the Wild back at E3 2014, there was a large enemy chasing Link. At the full unveiling of the game yesterday, Nintendo showed off more of this enemy, now called a Guardian. In a recent interview, Aonuma revealed that the Guardian is actually based off of an Octorok. However, he felt that creating a giant Octorok would be “kind of gross,” so he decided to give it a more sci-fi, technological look. It was this idea that led to the new technological theme in Breath of the Wild.

“When I request something be put in the game, there’s usually a reason why I want to see that element. In the trailer I created two years ago, there was a scene where the Guardians chased after Link. In creating a huge world, I went back to the first Zelda title. And I wanted to see an enemy like Octorok. Octorok to me when I was playing felt really large. That’s why the first enemy I created for the game was the Guardian.

“But then just creating a large octopus is kind of gross, so we decided to take the more sci-fi, technology route, and that’s where the visual for the Guardian comes from. And that decision leads into the storyline, and influenced many other elements we added to the game. It’s not like I do this every time, but in most titles I try to come up with something unique as a concept and throw it at the team and have them run with it. That kind of spreads like a wildfire, and then people on the team come up with new ideas based on that concept.” — Eiji Aonuma

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Source: TIME

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