Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is one of the titles coming to the NES Classic Edition, and the game’s director, Tadashi Sugiyama, recently revealed some interesting information about its creation. Zelda II was a slight departure from its predecessor in that it’s a side-scroller. Sugiyama revealed that when Nintendo began development on the game, it wasn’t intended to be a Zelda title.

Miyamoto wanted to create a side-scrolling action game that made use of attacks that aren’t featured in The Legend of Zelda. Sugiyama explained that they didn’t have the first game in mind while developing it, as they were just trying to experiment.

Here’s the full quote:

“Development started with Mr. Miyamoto saying he wanted to make a side-scrolling action game that made use of up and down movements for attacks and defense. It’s rooted in actions like jump strikes, downward strikes, and high and low shield defense moves. Types of moves that weren’t possible in the first game. Rather than being a continuation of the series, it started as a new sword and shield type of action game. We were experimenting while producing the game so we didn’t really have the first game’s systems in mind while developing it. As for it being unique within the series, we were searching for new ways to play so you could say it’s like a spin-off. At the end of development we decided on a story and that Link would be 16 years old then attached [Zelda II] and released it as the second game in the series.” — Tadashi Sugiyama

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Source: Nintendo (via Nintendo Everything)

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