Many of you readers may remember Cryamore, an indie game developed by a team of well-versed developers who took to Kickstarter to fund their project. After requiring only $60,000, the team ended up  with $242k, which means fans will see many new items, features, and most importantly, the game will be released on all home consoles.

But what exactly is Cryamore? The Kickstarter page has the answer.

“Imagine the barebones gameplay of Zelda, mixed with atmospheric elements from Metroid, action done in the style of Secret of Mana, the excitement of figuring out what element to use like Megaman, hand-drawn storybook backdrops like Legend of Mana, with comedic tones and a thriving in-game clock system like Brave Fencer Musashi; that’s Cryamore in a nutshell.”

But there is so much more. Below you can find a quick synopsis of the gameplay, and you can head to the Kickstarter page for all the in-depth information you can find about this exciting adventure.

Cryamore will feature a rich, single-player experience, mixing exploration and puzzle solving with strategic, action-based gameplay. There will be little to no handholding. We’re not big on the westernized, “accept or decline quest log”-based systems many modern Action-RPGs employ, we want the player to discover things for him/herself. Just like the 80s and 90s.

The gameplay will be strongly Ability-based on varying elements. Players can use some of the abilities in battle, but will mainly have to use these abilities to advance through the game.
Just as Link needs Pegasus Boots to knock the Book of Mudora off the top of a shelf, or Samus her Speed Booster to charge through previously inaccessible walls and areas, each element will have various types of abilities for Esmy to figure out which one will do the job for the situation. She can even link up certain abilities to maximize potential. Some will have additional attributes for fighting specific elemental enemies, and there are 81 of these different abilities… Even summons.

Additionally, the player can pick a weapon style in a play-through (from a sword or axe, to spear or crossbow) to change the play-style up and vary the difficulty.

This is certainly one for the watch list. Be sure to head to the Kickstarter page for more information.

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