The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild offers one of the biggest worlds in Nintendo history and one of the most open, explorable maps in all of gaming. Nearly everything you see in the distance can be reached and climbed, with just a few areas blocked off in the distance. Still, venturing into the impossible is all part of the human spirit, so why not break past those barriers and explore even further beyond?

That’s exactly what Zelda fan and YouTuber Mety333 recently set out to do after discovering a glitch in the Trial of the Sword. By manipulating a metal box with the Magnesis and Statis runes, it’s possible to clip outside of the Trial area and into unexplored territory within the game. At first, there’s nothing but wide open fields, but soon new (often glitched) areas begin to materialize.

There’s a whole lot of running around through glitchy areas and walls that aren’t walls before Mety shows off a few interesting locations that popped up in this bizarre world beyond. There’s the “Darkness Dome” which houses a sleeping Hinox, the Green Canyon for shield surfing, and finally, the Edge of the World. You can check it all out by clicking above!

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