With two successful “Quests” under its belt, The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses is ready to continue on with its “Master Quest” concert tour after its short summer break by the end of the month. The concert series under Jason Michael Paul Productions has arranged a number of memorable songs from across the franchise’s history, making for a surreal listening experience for Zelda fans. However, word comes that there will be more to expect than links to the past alone in upcoming shows.

According to a newsletter sent out earlier today,
Symphony of the Goddesses is now looking to the future, as music from upcoming games will be featured on their New York City stop in October.

Calling it “The Ultimate
Zelda Experience in New York”, the newsletter states in its headline that the full orchestra and choir ensemble will be performing Zelda classics and mentions “material from yet-to-be-released-games.” It is not known if this will be the same for shows leading up to the NYC concert or shows following it. The Symphony will be performing orchestral arrangements of the series’ music at the Barclays Center on Tuesday, October 13, at 8pm. Mark your calendars!

You can book tickets for the above show
here, but be sure to enter the code “heylisten” to save 15%! The code also works on official merchandise from the Symphony’s online store (which includes posters, shirts, and a solo piano songbook for dedicated pianists) for the same discount. Click here to visit the official Symphony of the Goddesses website, where you can also join the newsletter to receive updates and view the current schedule for upcoming “Master Quest” concerts.

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is releasing ten days later on October 23rd in North America and Europe, so it would be safe to assume that music from the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title will be heard during the show. As for the highly anticipated Zelda U, while its release date remains undetermined, Shigeru Miyamoto has previously stated at E3 2015 that they will be showing off more of the game at a later time.

Source: Symphony of the Goddesses PR

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