Aksys Games recently gave fans of the Zero Escape franchise the announcement we’ve all been waiting for! While the reveal of Zero Escape 3 was on Friday, fans at Anime Expo 2015 in Los Angeles were also treated to some details about the upcoming visual novel adventure game. The game’s director Kotaro Uchikoshi held a panel on Saturday, where he revealed the origins of the name 4infinity, a few details about the story, and the first piece of official artwork!

One of the major events leading up to the reveal was the discovery of a countdown clock on 4infinity.co. This countdown was around for months, and every so often would update with random words floating around the screen. There were many theories as to what these words mean, as well as analyses of how they moved and looked. Unfortunately, this work seems to have been done in vain, as Uchikoshi stated that these were just a test, and as such, should be ignored.

As far as the name of the website itself, 4infinity is a bit more meaningful. It turns out that the “4” stands for Mars, being the fourth planet from the Sun, while “infinity” refers to time. This heavily relates to Zero Escape 3, as the characters will be contained in a Mars test facility. This facility is designed to test the viability of creating a colony on Mars, as well as to examine the psychology of the group as they live such an enclosed space.

Fans of the gameplay of 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward will feel right at home with Zero Escape 3. The title will be split in alternating scenario and puzzle sections. The scenarios are being handled solely by Uchikoshi with help from two sub-writers, and it is currently only fifty percent complete, as the game hasn’t been in development for very long. Meanwhile, his staff is left to work on the puzzle sections, with Uchikoshi occasionally checking on their progress. Special guest Kazutaka Kodaka (writer of the Danganronpa franchise) made a surprise appearance at the panel as well, stating that the ending is “out of this world.”

Finally, Zero Escape 3 has a different purpose than the previous entries in the series. In 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward, the player’s common sense was called into question. Uchikoshi wanted the player to look at seemingly obvious situations and question what was going on. In Zero Escape 3 however, it is the player’s values and philosophies that will be examined. According to Uchikoshi, “So for Zero Escape 3 I’m going to go into this even more and I’m going to have you as a player question philosophies, and what justice is, and what your value is. It’s going to be a game in which you re-evaluate a lot of these themes.” In an effort to bolster this idea, one piece of artwork from the game was unveiled. In it, we see a man strapped into a chair while a lady holds a gun to his head. It remains to be seen exactly what this means, but if the previous games are any indication, some tough choices are going to have to be made.

The previous games have been, in my opinion, works of art, and I have the utmost confidence that Zero Escape 3 will not fail to deliver on everything I have come to expect out of the series. While all of this really isn’t a lot to go on, it has me even more excited to get my hands on this when it releases next year. Are you excited for the epic conclusion to the trilogy?

Source: Siliconera

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